Any private forms that need to be completed for things such as: Camp America, Occupational Health, Private Medical Insurance etc. can be done in the College Suite. Upon receipt of the form, please allow 14-21 working days for completion and you will be contacted when it is done. Please feel free to drop in with the form or for more information call 0191 2428299.

Fitness to Travel Examination£85.00
Fitness to Travel Certificate£25.00
Travel Cancellation Certificate£25.00
Private Sick Note£12.50
Driving licence Photograph£20.00
Private Medical Insurance form (ie BUPA/Axa)£21.00
School Fees Insurance Claim form£25.00
Ofsted Report £85.00
Camp America (no medical)£25.00
Letter in Support of Benefit Application£25.00
Letter from Doctor£25.00
Occupational Health Forms (ie GDC)£30.00
Police Entry Form£30.00
British Medical Certificates£25.00
Fit to Parachute Form£25.00
Japanese Exchange / Teaching Programme£25.00
Dance Academy Form£25.00


We offer a wide variety of Medical examinations provided by our private clinic for services such as: insurance policies, HGV/ PSV/PCV/Taxi Medicals, Elderly Drivers, Adoption Medicals, Pre-Employment etc. These can be arranged by appointment for our own registered patients. As these invariably do not come under your doctor's terms of NHS service, a fee will be charged, the prices are below. Please call our private department on 0191 2428299 for more information.

Full Medical and Report£130.00
HGV/PSV/Taxi Medical Examination (SMG patients only)£85.00
Adoption Medical£78.74
Shotgun Licence£25.00
Racing Driver£85.00
Boxing Medical£85.00
Pilot Fitness£85.00
Seatbelt Exemption£75.00
Pre-Employment (bloods and chest x-rays extra)£90.00

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Branch Surgery

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